Woman Claims $50,000 in Winnings After 5 Months

A woman from Maryland, USA said it was several weeks before she knew her Powerball ticket was a winner and several more before she knew it was a $50,000 prize.

The 68-year-old Monrovia woman told Maryland Lottery officials she bought the $2 quick-pick Powerball ticket Feb. 17 from Brown’s Liquors & Deli and promptly forgot about it.

“It was in my purse for a long time,” the winner said.

She said it was weeks after the drawing when she checked the ticket at a retailer scanner and was told she would have to claim her prize at lottery headquarters.

The woman said it was weeks more before she checked her numbers while visiting a friend and discovered her ticket was a $50,000 winner.

“When we were leaving, I asked her why she wasn’t screaming,” the winner’s husband said, prompting her to answer: “Because I’m in shock.”

The couple finally claimed their winnings Friday at Maryland Lottery headquarters.

“Better late than never!” the woman said.

Homeless Man Shares the Amazing Story that Made Him Wealthy

At the beginning of 2011, being penniless and having only a handwritten sign, Ted Williams stood at a busy crossroads in Columbus, Ohio, feeling cold and hopeless.

“Broke and homeless addict, standing in the middle of the street. My family severed all connections with me,” Williams mentioned in an interview.

The ex-radio announcer was desperately trying to win back his life after it was destroyed by drugs and alcohol.

But he had not a single clue where to start.


Ted Williams holds a sign describing his talent near a highway in Columbus, Ohio. Williams’ deep voice made him popular when the Columbus Dispatch posted a video of him speaking on its website.

Ted’s dream of quitting streets life and coming back to doing voiceover finally came true when a Columbus Dispatch correspondent saw his sign, asking for help and spread the word about Williams’ “God given gift of voice.”

The Dispatch posted a video of Williams’ amazing baritone voice — and soon, Williams went viral. He got a haircut, a shave and offers for work, including voicing commercials for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

“It was the happiest day of my life”

Now “the man with the golden voice” has another dream: to thank the homeless community which once saved his life.

He’s starting out with a small idea: giving out socks.

“Many homeless people end up in jail. And the worst part of being in the cage and not having socks is let alone to be bothered by the elements, the cold weather, etc. So I go out and I give packages of socks,” Williams, 58, who was behind bars dozens of times before taking a new path, he revealed.

But he has even bigger goals to achieve.

“I have a plan to establish a homeless laundromat,” he said. “Frequently, homeless people discard clothes, or they walk down the street with millions of clothes, but in the worst condition”

He is thinking about a laundromat where volunteers wash and dry homeless people’s clothes so they are encouraged to have a new life, just like him once.

Ted Williams, the ex-homeless “man with the golden voice.”

Him becoming famous was not a way without obstacles. He celebrated four years’ of being sober not so long ago, but his path to it was full of depression, failed attempts at rehab and bad business relationships.

However, Williams landed a $300,000 book deal — “A Golden Voice: How Faith, Hard Work, and Humility Brought Me from the Streets to Salvation” came out in May 2012 — and has been the voice of Kraft Mac and Cheese since 2011. Pepsi debuted an ad voiced by Williams, which was running during the Super Bowl 2016.

And in his free time, Williams gives motivational speeches across the country.

“I’m having the time of my life,” he happily says.

He especially likes talking to children. “They don’t have the time to break away, other than for social media,” he said. “When I make it on the scene, it’s like, ‘Look at the homeless guy with the voice!’”

Over the summer, he briefly thought about launching a presidential bid as an Independent, but later decided he could make a difference in other ways.

“I wanted to focus on other things: to inspire and encourage,” he said.

Faith has kept him away from his old lifestyle, he said. Williams’ first time in prison was when he was a 21-year-old, for stealing from his father — he often pray to maintain strong.

He still lives in Columbus, only now in his own home.

Reminders of his past are everywhere. Sometimes, he mentioned, he goes through aisles of stores where he used to pocket items.

“Then, all of a sudden, I’m thinking, ‘What am I doing?’ I know I’m not going to buy anything here, but I’m certainly not going to steal.”

Even in the darkest times, Williams believed he’d do voiceover work again. When he was in prison, he said, he would make fellow inmates laugh by doing fake radio commercials.

“They would actually think that I was on the air,” he said.

Williams, who was adopted and raised in Brooklyn, New York, has nine children and stepchildren, and 16 grandchildren. Despite prior issues in relationships with family, he has reconnected with many of his relatives since he quitted drinking.

A trip as a child to meet a radio deejay inspired him to make a career out of his own voice. While his second chance at life has surpassed his expectations, there’s one company he’s still hoping will someday call him: Disney-Pixar.

“They’re going to write an animated feature that has my voice on it. I promise you,” he said. “You’ll be like, ‘Wow, that’s Ted, he made it!’”

This Kid Makes 6 Figures A Month. Buys His Mom a New Home.

I picked up a book from the library this morning which was written by a 15 year old boy by the name of Michael Olsen. The book is not new and was published in 2003. It is not a story book but a book about finance, especially about investing.

Just imagine, a book on the subject of investing written by a 15 year old boy. The title is “The Teenage Investor, How to start early, invest often, and build wealth.” His book delves into important areas of investing such as investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds and also how to develop wealth plans.

He presents various scenarios in accumulating wealth. For example, in Scenario 1, a six year old child would have £6928.94 if his parents had set aside £100 monthly in an account that pays a 5 percent interest rate starting from age one. If the parents continued by topping up the amount to £250 monthly, the money would have grown to £44867.38 by the time the child reaches 15 years old. That is an easy rule to follow for any beginner. An adult can discipline himself to start a similar savings program immediately upon entering the workforce.

I am amazed that a young teenager could be so passionate about investing. The author covers a wide range of topics such as ‘The Efficient Way to Wealth’, ‘Beating the Market’, ‘Keeping Costs Low’, ‘The Path to Wealth’ and ‘Put Your Money to Work.’

He started investing when he was eight years old (introduced by his parents). According to the author, he enjoys doing research on stocks, bonds and other types of investment. He watches CNBC, reads economic reports, does risk analysis research, and studies a stock’s facts and figures to aid him in making his investment decisions.

For a 15 year old, I can say that he knows how to give good money advice. Here’s one for the question “When you’re not using your money, what should you do?” His answer is,” Keep your money in an interest-bearing bank account. Do not keep it in a shoebox or under your mattress.” Overall, it is a good book for a young investor, a teenager or an adult who is just beginning to plan his financial future. It’s the best opportunity I’ve ever had! It was so easy, she didn’t believe me when I told her. This Kid Bought his Mum a New House. This Kid Makes 6 Figures Every Month.

When I finished reading the book, it is obvious to me that it is never too early to teach or get your kids started in learning about money management. Their interest may lie in finance or some other areas like science, engineering or medicine. You never know until you get them started. My kids are just happy to see their money grow with the help of compounding. They have shown little interest on how they can accelerate that growth though. That is okay with me as long as they have fully grasped the importance of “saving money” and “starting early”, they would have mastered an important part of money management. There are many adults who have difficulty mastering this basic concept of personal finance. 88% of those who tried succeeded to make 5 or 6 during first month.

Woman Claims $50,000 in Winnings After 5 Months

A woman from Maryland, USA said it was several weeks before she knew her Powerball ticket was a winner and several more before she knew it was a $50,000 prize.

The 68-year-old Monrovia woman told Maryland Lottery officials she bought the $2 quick-pick Powerball ticket Feb. 17 from Brown’s Liquors & Deli and promptly forgot about it.

“It was in my purse for a long time,” the winner said.

She said it was weeks after the drawing when she checked the ticket at a retailer scanner and was told she would have to claim her prize at lottery headquarters.

The woman said it was weeks more before she checked her numbers while visiting a friend and discovered her ticket was a $50,000 winner.

“When we were leaving, I asked her why she wasn’t screaming,” the winner’s husband said, prompting her to answer: “Because I’m in shock.”

The couple finally claimed their winnings Friday at Maryland Lottery headquarters.

“Better late than never!” the woman said.

Veteran fant notat på frontruten – brøt sammen i tårer da han leste beskjeden fra den fremmede

Steffen Jarstein (88), nærmet seg bilen sin da han fant en hvit konvolutt på frontruten. Meldingen rørte ham til tårer.

Bob Bradshaw er en 88 år gammel fra Omaha, Nebraska. Han tilbrakte 30 år i aktiv tjeneste og så de som Korea og Vietnam. Han trakk seg tilbake med tittelen til løytnant oberst og fortsatte å utøve en kjennetegn som leser, “deaktivert amerikansk veteran” og en bronse stjerneklistremerke.

En ettermiddag mens Bradshaw var ferdig med å besøke tannlegen, nærmet han bilen og la merke til en hvit konvolutt på frontruten. Han åpnet konvolutten for å finne $ 20 sammen med et notat som leser, “Takk så mye for din tjeneste til vårt land. Jeg setter pris på alt du har bidratt til å gjøre USA bra. Vennligst nyt et måltid på meg. Jeg vet at det ikke er mye, men jeg håper det hjelper deg! En venn.”

Meldingen flytte Bradshaw helt til tårer og ba ham svare: “Det er mange gode mennesker der ute.”

Se den fantastiske og hjertelige hendelsen i videoen nedenfor. Og hvis du har hatt det, dele det med familie og venner.

He Kept This SECRET From Her Until Their Wedding Day. You Will NOT Believe What He Did… OMG!

How did he manage to keep a secret like that for so long!?

At pretty much all of the wedding receptions that I’ve been to, I prepare for some seriously awkward dance moves once the music gets going. But Sean Rajaee had an incredible surprise for his bride, Ariana. But what kind of surprise? The super groovy kind. Sean took some of Ariana’s favourite songs and gave her a performance that she would never forget. [googlead]How did it turn out? You be the judge.

Some of the groomsmen learned the routine last-minute via video tutorial. Impressive, to say the least!

She Was Always Too Afraid To Ride A Plane. But She Faced Her Fear At 71. Amazing!

Her reaction is so incredible because it’s so genuine. I love it!

When you stop and think about it, air travel is pretty incredible. I mean, you’re travelling across the planet via a gigantic flying machine. While many of us will book a flight and hop on board a plane without hestitation, others haven’t quite come to terms with this mode of transportation. [googlead]Meet An and Ria, two lovely ladies who haven never flown before. But that’s about to change. Watch as their beautifully heartwarming adventure unfolds.

I absolutely love their reaction. It really inspires you to take a step back and look at all the wonderful experiences we have in life that we take for granted. And here’s some bonus footage of Nan on a roller coaster, preparing for her first flight!

Scientists Are Freaking Out Over This Smart Girl’s Solution To Superbugs

This is a major breakthrough! 😀

At the young age of 25, Shu Lam has made one of the most important medical discoveries of our time. Shu is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne and she has developed a way to destroy superbugs without using antibiotics. Why is this such a big deal? Time for a quick history lesson…

Back in 1928, bacteriologist Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, the first true antibiotic. He was observing his culture plates of disease-causing bacteria when he noticed spores of green mold. Incredibly, this mold was killing and preventing the growth of the bacteria. It was a major breakthrough that revolutionized medicine, helping the world to treat disease worldwide.

Unfortunately, antibiotics were so effective and so accessible that they were overused, particularly with livestock. This led bacteria to develop a resistance against antibiotics. It became a sort of cat-and-mouse game with scientists coming up with new antibiotics and bacteria mutating to become resistant against its latest threat. And thus, “superbugs” were born… bacteria that are resistant to almost anything we can throw at it. That is, until now.

Instead of using an antibiotic, Shu developed a large molecule known as a polymer. Instead of attacking superbugs chemically, like an antibiotic, the polymer attacks them physically. Shu’s star-shaped polymer tear into the surface of the bacteria’s membrane, causing it to kill itself. It does all of this while leaving the healthy cells undisturbed.

Shu’s research is still in the very early stages and a lot of work still needs to be done before human testing can begin. Regardless, this is incredible news that can save millions of lives!

Cook County inmates call new jail recording studio “a blessing”; officials hope it reduces recidivism

Just eight classes into a music education course at Cook County Jail, inmate D’Andre Morris already looked like a professional. Using an Apple computer connected to two subwoofers, Morris deftly cut and blended musical tracks at a new recording studio built in the basement of the jail’s medium-maximum Division 11.

Long interested in songwriting and music production, Morris said he’s never worked on professional sound equipment like the kind inside the studio locked behind a large green metal door with a single square window. Morris, who’s spent more than a year behind bars awaiting trial on an attempted murder charge, said he’s grateful to be learning the technical aspects of sound engineering, even if he regrets that it took a stint in jail for this opportunity.

“It’s a blessing,” said Morris of the freshly painted 33-by-25-foot cinder block storage room, the result of fundraising efforts by local musician Antony Ablan.

As Morris adjusted sound levels at Ablan’s gentle instruction, four other young men — also dressed in the tan jail jumpsuit and from different parts of the Chicago area — sat in a semicircle behind them. They laughed and chatted about their new song titled “Choices,” scribbling down lyrics or shortcut keys for the sound-editing software in their notepads.

In Chicago, where scores of young men, some with ties to gangs and violent drug-selling cliques, dream of reaching rap music stardom, Ablan and others believe the music studio could be a new approach to keep inmates mentally engaged.

“Something like this (doesn’t) happen” Morris said. “It’s just unheard of, being in jail and being able to learn to engineer and produce and learn how to play different instruments. And just to be able to do something that’s fun. It’s pretty cool and a great experience.”

Ablan’s studio isn’t the only recording studio inside a jail facility: The Richmond City Jail in Virginia has had a small studio since 2013, along with two prisons, the East Jersey State Prison in New Jersey and Halden Prison in Norway. And supporters of Ablan’s efforts — Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart among them — believe the studio could offer specialized training to young men at a critical time.

Job training for young men is an important factor in fighting jail recidivism, jail officials said. While the state of black employment for men ages 20 to 24 in Chicago has improved recently, the number of men who are unemployed and not in school remains stubbornly high at 37 percent, according to the Great Cities Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“When you look at every study that’s ever been done, it all comes back to the same thing,” said Dart, who OK’d Ablan’s proposal. “If you give people opportunities for legitimate jobs and careers, they more likely than other folks will avoid the criminal justice system.”

The basement studio is next to a state-of-the-art kitchen and art studio all set up by Chef Bruno Abate, whose “Recipe for Change” initiative at the jail has tutored detainees in food preparation and art skills. Food, music and art are staples of life, according to Abate, who mentored Ablan and is credited by Dart with helping turn around the lives of some inmates.

“At the end of the day, what we all want is that you guys don’t come back here,” Abate told the detainees during a recent visit.

Through a crowdsourcing campaign last fall, Ablan raised more than $12,000 to foot the bill for constructing the studio and attracted other musicians and instrument companies that donated equipment. Soon, Ablan hopes to expand the course from two days to five days. If the expansion continues, Ablan’s program could grow to include female detainees. Currently, he’s hoping to gather other music professionals to volunteer their time to mentor his students. “I’d like for this to be the best music program in the country. Never mind that it’s in a jail,” he said.

Inmates interested in Ablan’s program had to fill out a questionnaire gauging their interest in learning about music. His selections were passed along to jail officials, who weeded out those with troubled backgrounds while in jail, though facing violent charges didn’t necessarily disqualify applicants, officials said.

But making music is only part of the goal of the program. It aims to help detainees sort through their own personal struggles using the creative songwriting process. Their song “Choices,” for example, came about after a simple in-class chat about Chicago rapper Kanye West’s support of President Donald Trump spurred a very personal hourslong exchange about the choices one makes in life.

While technical instruction is important, the class also reinforces skills for dealing with tough situations, said Erik Roberts, an education liaison between Chicago Public Schools and the county jail, who aids Ablan in the course.

“Many of the people here have talents, but they don’t have a tangible way to get there. We’re also teaching life skills at this class,” he said.

Roberts, who was recruited as an educator in the program, is himself a rapper known as Sycosis and has produced and performed raps since his high school days as a way of coping with his own father’s imprisonment. In the class, Roberts patiently listens to the inmates’ ideas while offering his own lyric and sound ideas.

It’s unclear whether the public will ever get to hear the detainees’ music, though they and Ablan remain hopeful that they will be able to post their completed songs on a music-hosting site like SoundCloud.

For Marco Martinez, the studio offers a much needed diversion from the monotony and loneliness that can come with jail. But writing lyrics has also offered a chance for Martinez, a Blue Island resident in custody the last four years on an attempted murder charge, to calm his wild youthful spirit and channel his thoughts in a positive way.

“I wanna learn myself — I wanna learn my purpose,” Martinez said. “I’m still trying to find myself just because I’ve been incarcerated since I was 17. I was living life real quick, so to be able to sit down and actually analyze my thoughts and be able to see the potential that I actually have as a person, it’s a really good accomplishment for myself.”

The youngest of the group at 20, Martinez has used his love for corrido, a popular type of Mexican band music that relies on poetic narrative, to help find his voice within the class while relieving the stress of being locked away and judged by others.

“Really, me being in here for four years, especially being a (maximum-security) inmate, we’re not really exposed to too much programming because of the situation that we’re facing, and a lot of people look at us way different,” he said.

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern and her partner name their baby daughter after the Maori word for love

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford have introduced the public to her daughter and revealed the newborn’s name.

The beaming pair greeted media on Sunday for the first time since arriving at Auckland Hospital on Thursday.

Ms Ardern began by announcing the baby would be called Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford — or Neve Gayford for short.

“When we met her we thought she looked like she suited the name,” she said.

“Also it means, in various forms, bright and radiant and snow, which seemed like a good combination for Matariki (Maori new year) and for solstice.”

Aroha in Maori means love and Te Aroha is also the name of a mountain near where Ms Ardern’s family come from.

“Te Aroha was our way of reflecting the amount of love this baby has been shown before she arrived and all of the names we were gifted along the way [by various iwi — or tribes],” Ms Ardern said.

She and Mr Gayford had opted to spell the name Neve — as opposed to Niamh for example — for simplicity, with Ms Ardern joking about the unusual spellings of Clarke and Jacinda.

The couple also described the first moment they met Neve.

“I won’t forget the look on Jacinda’s face when she finally held the baby,” Mr Gayford said.

Since the birth on Thursday, Ms Ardern has received messages from world leaders, including the Queen, as well as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — who sent a handwritten note saying they looked forward to meeting later in the year.

“As equally special to us were just those people who took time to send a little note, or a blanket or a set of booties,” Ms Ardern said.

The family will now leave the hospital to spend a stint at home and away from the spotlight.

“Over the next six weeks we’ll do what every other parent does and learn the little nuances … and just figure things out as we go.”

Before leaving the hospital, Ms Ardern recorded a personal video, with a sleeping Neve in her arms that was posted on her Facebook page, to say “thanks, from the bottom of our hearts” for all the messages and comments they have received.

She also again praised the staff at the hospital for the care, advice and support she received during their hospital stay.

“We couldn’t have had a better start,” she said.

Ms Ardern has become the first elected world leader to take maternity leave, but for the next six weeks will still be on call for major government issues.

Mr Gayford will be the child’s primary carer once the PM returns to parliament.

“I hope for little girls and boys there’s a future where they can make choices about how they raise their family and what kind of career they have based on what they want.”